Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Super Fun Time-u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Osaka here! Nice for you guys to come by again! I got lots of yummy treats for you. This is my second blog post. I hope to gain more followers. I decided whoever becomes my tenth follower, I will give them an art prize drawn by me. Here is my Deviantart if you interested.
Grab a seat and enjoy another Tea Time with Osaka. :D
What's Happening Now!
Look at the time...
 My friends are still on the Hawaii trip and I wonder what they're doing. I've been practicing my drawing and made some nice sketches that i would like to make a print for one day. I also got requests from my Art teacher to draw some things for her business. I'm so happy <3 Now that I'm graduate, all the time seem to be contacting me. I'm cool amiright? :] I have to go in to work today. I work at a thrift store. May not be glamorous but I'm making money right?

Take A Look At This!

Today, I stumbled upon this AMAZING AMV( anime music video). Take a look for yourself.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Like What I Like

Osaka reporting here, folks! Hello, please take a seat and make yourself comfy. Welcome to my first blog post. Cookies and tea?

 Allow me to explain what my title means. I think people should like the things they like, not to hide it because your afraid to be judged. Whether you like anime, or comic books, or you like watching porn a lot, I believe it good to be honest with ourselves. That why I'm making a blog. To be able to express what I like and not be ashamed, and maybe some of you guys would even follow me. :) It makes me feel so happy inside. So if someone ever tells you that your different or weird. Tell em " I like what I like, that's who I am." I am a firm believer in being who you want to be. 

What's Happening Now!
come back soon....

I just finished high school! I am a proud high graduate. Middle finger to all those people who didn't believe I can do it! As happy I am now that it is summer vacation, all my friends from school are on a school trip in Hawaii. Which includes my dearly beloved boyfriend. He's Italian xD I bet he is dancing with half naked girls with coconut bras! Irk! I am feeling a bit lonely. But this period gives me nice quality me time. Can I say...eroge?(eroge: Japanese erotic dating games) Sneaky. Sneakyy.

Take A Look At This!
In Take A Look At This! section, I will post something that I would recommend to people. Whether it be a movie, book, manga, anime, hobbies, or video games. TODAY, I would like to tell you readers about one of my favorite movies.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Ready,Set, FIGHT!

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is about dorky 22 year old Scott Pilgrim(Micheal Cera) dating a high schooler named Knives. Until he meets the girl of his dreams..literally! The notorious and lovely Ramona Flowers(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) skates through Scott's dreams and into his heart. How to win her, you ask? You must defeat her seven evil exes. Directed by Edgar Wright who did Hot Fuzz and Shaun of The Dead, comes this enjoyable movie about fighting for what you want. Even if your prize did have a ''sexy phase''.
I was just a little bi-curious..      
Here's a treat, folks. This section will display funny pics or video that amuses me. Today, we have a video from Youtube. It's a Korean video about singing maggots and poop and its for like children or something...? My favorite quote: IT WAS A COOKIE~



Hey you perverts, here something you can look at to get you in the mood. 


Well, I'm sure many of you guys were disgusted by that, so it looks like it time to go. Thanks for stopping by. Come back next time for more Tea Time With Osaka. <3